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The Little Black Dress Stocking Challenge

The Little Black Dress Stocking Challenge

Published by Roxane & Melissa on 25th Jan 2020

Outfit Transformations with Tights

One of the missions of Stocking Riot is to inject ideas and excitement into fashion with a playful and creative approach to getting dressed every day. To kick off our Lookbook series, we start with a wardrobe staple - the little black dress - and how this can be styled.

Featuring our launch collection, we offer outfits to inspire how tights can transform a look from the office, to casual evenings out and beyond.

Accessorise with pink tights for a casual day look, or for dinner and drinks

These 80 Denier stay-ups add a pop of colour and prove that you can pull off a quirky and sexy look in knee-highs in heels.

Love the look? Shop Hot (As) Pink Knee-high Stockings Socks also sold in mustard and navy.


Transition from day to night by losing the jacket and popping on some gold accessories. 


Pair sheer emerald socks with leopard tights for a wild 80s vibe.

The 80s are always on point with a bit of bling, neon and a whole lot of attitude. Lolz. Don't challenge the photographer to a breakdance, Melissa. That wouldn't be lady-like in a skirt.

Leopard Print Pantyhose inspire you? Or was it the Emerald Bling Socks?


Stick with the animal in you and go party like a boss

Paired with bling, zips, red lippy and plenty of confidence, you'll be everything but the wallflower of the party. These pantyhose-style fishnets also come in star and paisley print depending how you like to party ;)

Shop Leopard Fishnet Tights.


Glitter socks add just enough edge to these sweet vintage pumps

Socks and fancy shoes has just got to be my new obsession. Pairing these gold glitter sheer socks shows off how a basic black dress can be elevated to an interesting outfit with very little effort.

Also available in emerald and silver. See our Gold Bling Socks.


Office wear; it's all about the details

Our range of ankle-height sheer socks will give you plenty of options to add a personal touch to your office wear. Don't settle for black and nude. Oh, and they are super cute with pumps!

Colour range: electric blue (pictured), white, black, baby pink, khaki, navy blue, pale purple, red. These staples are sold in sets of three. 


Make a strong statement

With these velvet-feel 80 denier opaque stockings your little black dress statements will be stunningly clear. This look screams street savvy - hoop earrings, leopard print, high tops and electric blue. Love it.

Shop Electric Blue Riot Tights and check out our other colours - Hot (As) Pink, Gun Metal Grey and Black.  


Who doesn't love pattern on pattern?

Our ankle sock range such as these black and white tartan sheers take an outfit from simple, to styled, from common to unique. In addition to being an awesome accessory, these tartan socks have a cotton base for durability and comfort.

Take a closer look at our Black and White Tartan Socks as well as the cream and red wine options. 


Be the boss of colour

Available in a stirrup and full foot option, these 80 denier opaque tights in are super versatile to bring together a huge range of colour palettes. Pictured here with blacks and greys, they allow the maroon details pop.

Check out our 80 Denier Opaque Footed Tights


When you need your outfit to rock

Rock your day (or night!) in a grey denim crop jacket, messy hair, buckles and wide-weave purple fishnets. We can't imagine this outfit without the fishnets!

If you need some radness, check out our pantyhose-style fishnets, also in red wine and baby pink. 



Glam by day, glam by night

Super comfortable velvet-feel 80 denier opaque stockings with a stirrup foot have a fresh feel by day, and a party feel by night. Flats, heels, sneakers - these tights can do anything!

Available in teal, gun metal grey, purple and the black pictured here, there's no event these guys can't attend! Shop for Opaque Stirrup Tights.