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Our Story

Unique tights for adventurous types.

Our hand picked range is selected for tights that are hard to find, for durability and softness.

As you know, available pantyhose are typically opaque or sheer black, or an odd "nude" colour.  Normally they tear easily and more often than not they don’t seem to fit. If you are short, tall, wide, or not a woman, finding any type of pantyhose is a serious challenge.

We wanted to fix that. 

What’s more, fashion seems to be turning over faster and faster all the time, contributing to a lot of waste and landfill. The fashion industry dictates whether certain items are easy enough to find, which encourages conformity and monotony. Consumption culture is a problem.  While other brands are introducing recycling in-store, we focus our attention on supporting you to develop your own tone of voice and a wardrobe that is true to you, so you buy lasting items that you don’t want to “turn over” when fashion tells you to.

What we wear goes well beyond fast fashion. It is a powerful force of self-expression, social communication and confidence. What we wear can change our mood and therefore have an impact on the course of the day. Sometimes our days can change the course of our lives.

We believe that to experience joy and live a meaningful life, you need to be able to live authentically. Clothing is an important piece in this vision. So, in a nutshell, Stocking Riot exists to create a world that inspires people to be openly themselves, find meaning and experience joy.

Riot on, together.


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